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pretty things

Beka Nicole

I recently bought this lovely book and Rosebud lip balm. I've been utterly obsessed with both. The book is almost like an intimate scrapbook of all of the Burlesque Queens. It is full of endless inspiration and ideas. One of my best purchases yet!

And the lip balm is soooo good! It lasts a while and its very thick and smooth. 

lovin list II.

Beka Nicole

I'm totally obsessing over anything loungey and boudoir like. Almost like the dressing room of a Vegas show girl essentials. Long sheer kimono's, feathery lounge kitten heels, rosebud lip balm, glamorous jewelry, Perfect fingerwaves and a heavenly macaroon scented candle to set it all in place. 


Beka Nicole

blazer Agac'i, top TOPSHOP, jeans F21

It's still hot here, but it's also beginning to show signs of fall. I'm thoroughly excited to start pulling out my sweaters, leggings and boots! Ready to soak in oatmeal baths with pumpkin spice candles and start wearing cranberry lipstick too! Is it too soon to say I'm also ready for pumpkin pie?